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LIFE | LIFEstyle photography

Simply put, lifestyle is your way of life. Take that one step further into the realm of photography and it can be described as your way of life, on film.

LIFE is as unique as the person uttering the word aloud. It may be playing with your children or having a glass of wine with your partner. It may be a sun-filled afternoon at the beach or a quiet campfire at the cottage. Whatever life may be, it's yours so go out and grab it! But don't forget to take me with you so those memories in your mind will breathe life for days and years to come.

what do we wear & how do we act

what do we wear? how do we act?

Complementing each other is ideal when it comes to what to wear, but matching? Not necessarily. Let children become a character & play. Let them interact with each other and live in the moment. And it’s okay to do so through the use of clothing or props!

For adults, pretend I’m a fly on the wall. Connect, interact and be with each other as you would every day. If you want to try something different, go ahead and step outside of the box and into the shoot like a model or character and have some extra fun! Playing a role and letting loose translates immensely on camera. Besides, how often do YOU get to imagine?

For a little extra help with wardrobe ideas, head on over to my "what to wear" boards on pinterest. But make sure you have a little extra time... it's an endless source of inspiration!

rain or shine

rain or shine

Have you ever seen a child’s face when she jumps through puddles after a spring rain? How about during a snowball fight or even campfire light? Pure joy. Real life. Photos don’t always need a blue sky and shining sun so if you’re game for a weather adventure, let me know!

Of course if the weather isn't what you had envisioned on the day of your shoot, we can always re-schedule because being pleased with your final images is a priority not only for you, but for me as well.

sneak peeks

sneak peeks

Session sneak peeks are completed and posted on the Blog based on schedule availability.

Images and sessions chosen for peeks are done so at the discretion of photos by holly.

editing style

my editing style

I love the creative post-processing portion of digital photography. But, I also believe that photos and their subject should speak for themselves as much as possible and that less is always more.

Included on your image DVD will be a timeless colour version of the final images as well as a variety of other edits including minor blemish touch-ups, contrast, exposure, tone, etc.

Colour images are always gorgeous whether faded or vibrant, but I adore black and white images too! They show the depth of emotion in a photo and tend to be my favourite kind of edit.

prints & products

prints & products

  • Leather & Portrait Albums
  • Canvas Wall Art
  • Metal Wall Art
  • Photographic Prints

Please contact me for more information

tag, you're it!

tag, you're it!

Posting your session images on social media websites such as facebook and sharing them with family and friends via email is awesome! It shows you're proud of your family and of our time together. I love it!

Thank you in advance for properly crediting my work by using watermarked images and including my website and/or blog address. Watermarked images not only protect myself as an artist but they also protect the integrity of your family and appropriate use of the images.