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a year in review ~ april 2011

On my side of the camera I have an advantage; I can see what you guys look like. On my side of the camera I can see your session progress even though it’s something you can only sense. But did you know that on my side of the lens I can see what you look […]

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a year in review ~ march 2011

Newborn sessions are miracle shoots and I’m extremely proud that my clients trust me with their personal gift of life. Along with several hours of shooting time and a great deal of patience, newborn sessions require warmth in order to keep babies toasty, comfy and of course, malleable. But as you can tell from the […]

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a year in review ~ february 2011

Comfort food. We all have our favourites, right? But why does comfort always come down to something in carbohydrate form? Why does it usually involve food I’m not supposed to have? *sigh* It’s safe to say I have a slight allergy to dairy and because of this, I unfortunately have to watch my intake of […]

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a year in review ~ january 2011

There are 12 more sleeps before Christmas so here is my version of The 12 Days Before Christmas. As much as I love 99.9% of the photos I take (bias or generosity much?) there are always some that jump out at me more than others. Sometimes it’s because of image composition. Sometimes it’s because of […]

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