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Good Morning Sunshine

There’s nothing better, or more rejuvenating, than a home-blended smoothie or glass of fresh juice. I know what you’re saying. But I don’t want to clean the machines!  Yes, juicers and blenders require a little extra elbow grease, and food prep can take a few extra minutes you think you don’t have. But, if you […]

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business casual | kitchener headshots

Everyone eats lunch, right? Or at least everyone has a lunch hour! That’s all the time needed to meet up and give your professional headshot an update. Norm and I met earlier this week in Downtown Kitchener for some business casual images. A few minor wardrobe changes, varying light for added interest, and we were […]

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photography | educate yourself

Next week I’ll be taking part in a 3 week, online food photography course. I have a list of photography specialties with which I’d like to become better skilled, so my focus for 2015 is all about education! First up is food, soon to be followed by … well, you’ll just have to wait and […]

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At Home

Your home is your home. Regardless of it being old, new, big or small; it’s your home. I want 2015 to be full of more “at home” sessions. I’d love to spend an hour or two (or even a half day!) in your world documenting what makes you and your family, tick. Share a cup […]

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across the miles | kitchener family photographer

The importance of scheduling family photos becomes elevated when family members aren’t able to call the same city home. At least, that’s what I believe. Material gifts have their place, and can indicate a level of love and caring, but only to a certain degree. The gift of memories will always have infinite value, and […]

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