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The “Everyday” noticed, but UN-noticed things in our lives aren’t given enough credit for the roles they play. We go about our daily tasks, chores, activities, games, rituals and work in almost a zombie-like or robotic state. Deep down inside, or even verbalized loud and clear, we aren’t taking enough time to – as the […]

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winter play & water fun | part 1

One summer, oh so many years ago, I met Chris. We were both counsellors at the same YMCA Summer Camp. In University, I met Sara… Go Reccers go! I knew each of them at different stages in my life and low and behold they met each other and got married! Oh, such a small small […]

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Winter Doesn’t Bite… Really!

I distinctly recall hearing, while in the throes of summer heat, that we were in for one heckuva winter. It’s not abnormal to hear almanac forecasts and warnings for upcoming seasons, but after enduring several mis-calculated weather events in the past, a few of us were saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Well, […]

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birthday boy! | kitchener family photographer

A child’s first birthday is always a special occasion! And how lucky was I to be able to take some photos of this little guy ON his birthday? Lucky! Mom and Dad simply wanted a few photos to commemorate little D’s milestone #1 day. Easy. Okay, a one year old isn’t necessarily easy to shoot […]

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Looking back & stepping forward

When I look back at the photo sessions from 2013, I smile. Yep, a simple sentiment, but one that’s very true. I remember moments from each session. I recall connections, stories, silent glances full of endless meaning. My memories and thoughts may not be the same as the family member(s) captured in the shot, but […]

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