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Fun Fair at the Park

A large number of schools hold Fun Fairs each June, before kids are dismissed for summer vacation. The fun family shoot below? Well, it’s the result of a winning ticket! “We were the lucky winners of your awesome photo session donation to the Fun Fair.  I admit that I put almost all of my tickets […]

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cottage life

My parents purchased their cottage when I was in University, so even thought I didn’t get to experience childhood summer days on a lake, my children do and I’m so thankful! It’s been several years since I shot the Willms family and what better way to re-acquaint myself with this fiery foursome than to spend […]

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let’s meet at the beach

At first we were going to meet in Kitchener, but, we decided to throw a curve into our plans and head to the beach! Why? Why not! It was a gusty evening in Kincardine and skies were a tad threatening, but Darlene and family went along for the ride. You see, Darlene is also a […]

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…and soon there’ll be 4

Appreciation for my clients and how they value my take on the photographic arts never goes un-noticed or taken for granted. They know each session will ‘cover the bases’ (so to speak) but they won’t ever be the same. The mood of a session can change from year to year. The processing style can too. […]

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Wendy’s Smiling Eyes

Meet Wendy and her family; her very relaxed, kind and talented family. It isn’t always easy gathering your teenage children for a photo session, but I’m happy to report that not only did these 2 ‘kids’ show up for photo-duty, they did it with enthusiasm. Okay, the enthusiasm appeared once we got the ball rolling, […]

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