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being real

For some, January is a time of re-birth, resolutions, and intentions. For others, that time resounds true in September when summer comes to a close, the school bell rings, and a routine is back in play. For me, there is no rhyme or reason to when I reflect, step back, close down a little, plan and begin another process or phase in life. Random. It’s my jam.

My professional focus is shifting a little over here. Not in a hard 180-degree turn type of way, but more of a meandering path towards an added degree of openness with what I create. Change is good! Not always easy, but it is a good thing and often benefits more than just the person knee-deep in movement.

Creating, living and experiencing an authentic life is essential to me and I want my children to see the value in such a life as well. Doing so throughout work and play, personally and socially, is key. Exactly HOW this happens, is the puzzle and what I’m working on solving right now. Well, at least putting together a few more pieces…