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Fall Mini Sessions • 2017

Mini Sessions for FALL are here! One EVENING date and one MORNING date at a set location in Kitchener-Waterloo.
Please contact me to grab your preferred spot. Open to 6 people per session.

Friday Oct 6, 2017 • aft/eve
4pm, (4:30pm booked), 5pm, (5:30pm booked), (6pm booked)

Saturday October 7, 2017 • morning
8:30am, 9am, (9:30am booked), (10am booked), (10:30am booked)

  • Raindate for Friday October 6 will be FRIDAY October 27
  • Raindate for Saturday October 7 will be SUNDAY October 29



being real

For some, January is a time of re-birth, resolutions, and intentions. For others, that time resounds true in September when summer comes to a close, the school bell rings, and a routine is back in play. For me, there is no rhyme or reason to when I reflect, step back, close down a little, plan and begin another process or phase in life. Random. It’s my jam.

My professional focus is shifting a little over here. Not in a hard 180-degree turn type of way, but more of a meandering path towards an added degree of openness with what I create. Change is good! Not always easy, but it is a good thing and often benefits more than just the person knee-deep in movement.

Creating, living and experiencing an authentic life is essential to me and I want my children to see the value in such a life as well. Doing so throughout work and play, personally and socially, is key. Exactly HOW this happens, is the puzzle and what I’m working on solving right now. Well, at least putting together a few more pieces…


Uptown Love • Family Photography


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I can’t say enough how happy it makes me when families show up for their photos and just let.things.go.

Let the kids be who they are on a daily basis because who wants to look at their ‘pretend’ children in that picture on the mantle? Certainly not me. I know we want traditional shots for traditional people in our lives, but it’s okay to be messy, and it’s okay to be free. It’s okay just to be.

Embrace the calm, welcome the serious, joke along with the laughs, and let the awkwardness pass. Many many thanks to this family for embracing this season in their lives and finally getting photos taken of their lovely five-some. It is no joke when we say ‘the years pass by so quickly’.

We will miss you around the rink this winter. #gowaterloo #gokitchener






OCTOBER! 10th Anniversary Special Offer

Can you believe we are TEN months into photos by holly’s 10th year?! Here we go with October’s special offer!


October is about Thanksgiving here in Canada so why not be gracious to others and give them the gift of memories!?

Buy ONE session for yourself (full or half) and gift a #minisession to someone else!
That’s it, that’s all! Something easy, fun and kind to others.

This is a limited time offer available for purchase between Oct 10th and Oct 31st.
Purchasing happens in October, but sessions can be used up until June 30, 2017.

Interested? Email me today!